Quick Overview on the Advantages of Modular Homes

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Today, people have learned to make homes out of mobile trucks and granny flats. Indeed, the downsizing of homes have become trending recently for many reasons. Regardless if it’s because of the cost of housing or the advantages that small houses bring, many families are looking forward to living in spaces that are not too big but just the right size. With that, the popularity of modular homes has been increasing. Just like all other homes, modular homes allow families to live comfortably and do fun family games and activities in their humble-sized place.

Modular Homes

Modular homes are prefabricated homes consisting of sections referred to as modules. When we say “prefabricated”, we are  referring to the process by which the assembly of the structure’s components are done at a factory or a manufacturing site before being transported to its designated location.

The term “Modular” is actually a construction method that is different from the usual building methods. And so, just like the process of prefabrication, the module sections are built at a specific site facility; afterwards, they are delivered to the intended location they will be used in.

These modular homes may seem to be portable homes; however, they are not mobile homes. Mobile homes or trailer homes are different as they are built into federal building codes whereas modular homes are built to local or state building codes.

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Advantages of Modular Homes

  • The speed of construction is faster for modular homes.

The construction of a modular home may be as fast as 10 days to as long as 3 months. Either way, modular homes are built much faster than their on-site counterparts. Because of this, return on investment would also be much quicker as the home can immediately be rented out or used for any project to generate profit.

  • The construction of modular homes generate less waste.

Also known as green building, construction of modular homes generate less waste since their manufacturers and builders have already, usually, estimated ahead how much materials these modular homes require. Because of this, their construction is much more environment-friendly than on-site ones.

  • Modular homes are flexible in design and can be customized.

As opposed to the misconception that all modular homes look boring and the same, they actually vary. They are actually flexible in terms of design and layout since technology has improved the world of modular homes. Clients who order modular homes may customize their own layouts if they have their own personal preferences on how things should be.

  • Modular homes can serve remote areas.

Sometimes, it might be more expensive to build on-site houses in areas that are remote. With the help of modular homes, this would become more affordable. Even when dealing with places which are difficult to reach by home builders, modular homes will have no problem since the construction is done in their own facility sites.

  • The value of modular homes do not depreciate.

Yes, you read that right. Another advantage to having a modular home is that the value of a modular home does not depreciate.

  • Modular homes can also be used for commercial purposes.

A modular home can also serve other purposes besides being a home. They can serve as offices or any other commercial purposes.


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